Quality Policy Our quality policies are “Outstanding quality, On-time delivery, On-going Technology and skill, Satisfying Service” All of our different departments will submit a report that include product quality, delivery date, orders and customer feedback monthly during our internal conference, to discuss what and where to improve so that we can always achieve outstanding quality and exceed customers’ expectation.

Quality System Ho song has been always looking for better quality and service since established in 1981. We keep training our staff, applying statistic analyzing to prevent and/or solve any potential threat that may harm our customer and our company. Therefore, we officially implement and received certificate of ISO 9001 quality management system in 2002, AS9100 aerospace standardized quality management system in 2009 to achieve professional and precision machining.

● AS9100D

● ISO9001

Internal audit and Quality management meeting every half year and external audit annually to ensure our quality system's Integrity.

QA Equipment Ho Song always re-calibrate our testing equipment and keep every records to ensure our quality controls.
*All testing equipment are well-maintained and re-calibrate regularly, we also keep every maintenance and calibrating records to ensure our quality controls *